Welcome to CrossFit Vise

Welcome to CrossFit Vise! We are the first CrossFit affiliate in Council Bluffs, IA. We bring many years of experience training people just like you and hope that you'll consider trying us out, at no charge of course. We'd like to show you around the gym as well as what we can offer your fitness. It's so much fun. 

We have the equipment you need, the passion for what we do, and the coaching knowledge and know how to get your fitness moving in the right direction. So, consider becoming a part of our community. You'll be happy you did.


  • How about a little H2O..Or a lot!

    by Angie Long (aka Grandma) It was awful. That’s how I would describe my one and ONLY experience of excessive dehydration during exercise. When asked to write an article on something that hit close to home, this topped my list.

  • Movement Is Big

    Movement is big. It is the one thing that we learn to do from birth. Why then wouldn’t we learn to become masters of movement?


    by Jay Manifold My job requires that I do quite a bit of traveling across the country. In this capacity I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few boxes across the country and thought that I would share some things that I have learned in the process. Step 1 – Find a Box When I know I’m going to be traveling either for work or pleasure, the first thing I do is check out if a box is nearby where I’ll be.

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